What’s happening in HR this month?

By Nancy Prest
1st July 2013

New rules introducing Employment Tribunal fees will come into force towards the end of this month.

Under the new regulations, all claims or appeals brought to the Employment Tribunal on or after the 29th July 2013 will be required to pay a fee – the first on the issue of Employment Tribunal proceedings (an “issue fee”), and then if the case is not settled, is withdrawn or otherwise dismissed, another fee 4-6 weeks before the hearing date (a “hearing fee”).

The main features of the new regulations include the following:

  • The level of the fee will depend on the type of claim
    • Level 1 – these consist of unlawful deduction of wages, statutory redundancy pay and payment in lieu of notice (£160 to issue; £230 for hearing)
    • Level 2 – these include claims relating to unfair dismissal, discrimination, equal pay and whistle blowing (£250 to issue, £950 for hearing)
    • There will also be a fee for other specified applications such as an application to dismiss following settlement (£60) and judicial mediation (£600)
    • If fees are unpaid, the claim will not be allowed to proceed
    • Fees can be paid online or by post
    • Claimants lodging both level 1 and level 2 claims will be charged one fee at level 2
    • There are higher fees for multiple claims e.g. where there are two or more claimants, the fee is twice the single fee. For over 200 claimants, the fee is six times the single fee.
    • The Employment Tribunal may order the unsuccessful party to reimburse any fees paid by the successful party

Employers need to be aware that at certain times they may be required to pay the fee. For example, the employer not the claimant pays the £600 to go to judicial mediation. Furthermore, if the employer wishes to appeal a Tribunal judgement, it will cost £400, as well as a further £1,200 for the hearing.

Overall however, the introduction of fees should be welcomed by employers. It’s likely that a fee of £250 will deter some claimants from bringing an unfair dismissal claim and it will certainly reduce the number of doubtful or “nuisance claims”!

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