What would Bananaman do?

By Nancy Prest
21st June 2016

With an abundance of information from both Brexit and In camps, it’s very confusing as to what to believe and what to do for the best on Thursday. Which was why I was interested in a recent report from the BBC titled ‘How much UK law is decided by EU law’.

From the Vote Leave camp Robert Oxley stated that 60% of UK law is influenced by EU law, which would make the documents involved higher than Nelsons Column! However, Sir Paul Jenkins, Head of Government Legal Department from 2006-2014, disagreed and explained that the laws might include, in the Nelson Column of statutes, a number of laws with no impact. Sir Paul Jenkins suggested that to look at it in such figures is misleading and that you should look at the impact of the laws in each industry and sector.

Now I am, as I am very sure you are, far too busy to sit and look at which law might affect which industry and then calculate all of this into my decision to Brexit or not to Brexit. So a little more intrigued the article went on to give some actual figures.

Between 1993-2014 there were 945 acts in Parliament, of which 231 were imposed by EU obligations.

There were also 33,160 statutory laws of which 4,283 were EU obligations (so 13%).

My head was now spinning slightly and then I started thinking as a HR professional and thought about minimum wages and the Working Time Directive, all of which protect the people if the UK and were imposed via EU laws.

So now I am armed with even more information of which is making me even more confused, so on Thursday I think I will take a gut instinct approach when I stand alone at the booth, and think…what would Bananaman do?



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