Vicarious Liability and Your Xmas Party

By Nancy Prest
26th November 2015

canstockphoto11941741Before everybody heads out of the door to enjoy a well-earned festive bash, it’s worth taking the time to consider the ways in which an employee’s actions could impact on the company.

‘Vicarious liability’, as it’s called, means that untoward actions of any kind from a workforce are legally absorbed by the company that they work for. This covers everything from bullying and discrimination, to breach of copyright or misuse of social media.

It’s vital to remember that a Christmas party is typically still considered as company time (even if you are out of your place of work), and so the rules of vicarious liability still apply.

So how would an employer best safeguard against vicarious liability? The main thing to do would be to make staff aware of vicarious liability. Most good companies nurture values that generate happy and informed employees, but ensuring that handbooks, policies and contracts are clearly written and up to date will ensure a safe and happy workforce (and a great night out!).

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