Gender Pay Gap: Report Findings or Face a Fine

By Nancy Prest
20th April 2015

Although the Equal Pay Act was instated in 1970, women today across the UK earn an average of 19.1% less than their male equivalents (source: Fawcett Society).

The main blame for the gap lies with the so-called ‘Motherhood Penalty’; women typically taking the bulk of childcare, only being able to work reduced hours or stop altogether. In the UK, females make up just 25% of Chief Executive roles.

There have been calls for large employers (250+ staff) to publish their differences in pay for male and female staff. They would need to include differences between basic average pay and and total average earnings. This would be be reported across grades and job types. Failure to report full figures would result in a £5000 fine.

The House of Lords will soon debate the idea described above and if it is approved, will be put into practice by the end of 2015. Keep up to date on the outcome by signing up to Doodle HR’s monthly newsletter.

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